Friday, July 4, 2014

New Inventory for July, Custom cabinets,Tables

 We will be at Alameda Sunday July 6. Looks to be another perfect day. We have quite a load of new pcs., picking has been very good this month.
 Here are two custom cabinets. Both for same house, used rough sawn doug fir for face frame. Put a plinth style base on the bottom one to get cabinet up to desired ht., I like the look. Antiques cast iron hardware, leaded glass doors.

Cute little baby skid. I have seen many full size skids over the years, this little one caught my eye. I took it apart ran the hardwood slats thru the planer then oiled and clearcoated top. Steel frame has been polished and waxed. Nice!

Next up this vintage drafting table. Has "Leibtz SF" label. Frame is oak, cast iron adjustment parts.

 Here are two sets of tables, taller two are end tables, others will be pushed together to make coffee table. The large 12' community table below these goes into same coffee shop- Philz Coffee about to open in berkeley on 9th st. just off Gilman. The base of the large table was fabricated using parts of old steel wine barrel stackers

 Industrial work bench, heavy steel. I see quite a few of these in 5 and 6' sizes. This one a bit more diminutive, unusual.

 Here is a set of five lockers, they are attached together as one unit. Added shelves and wheels. Saw this in the back of my neighbors truck headed to the scrap yard. Nice save!

These tables(I have two) are intriguing. HEAVY wrought iron plus copper top surfaces. From their appearance, they have seen some weather. Nice pick at the flea:)

10' bowling lane slab conference table. Very popular dark stain. Trim is walnut and oak.

Custom Armoire. Very nice antique cast iron hardware, the number "1" at top off of Ebay. Old theatre seat numbers I believe.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here are some photos of new pieces, did not get a chance to post before the alameda show.
First photo is industrial cart on wheels, added the top and shelf of maple, reclaimed.

Small desk above, legs and body roughsawn doug fir, top is multi-color reclaimed wood strips. 2 small drawers. Next photo, vintage dental cabinet, restored.

 Kitchen Island, Top is maple, salvaged from industrial workstation, base is vintage gurney with locking wheels. Bottom shelf is also reclaimed maple.

Here is an unusual pc., found at a flea market, several layers of paint over the vintage graphics. I sanded until I revealed the graphics. Par-T-Pak:) Probably was store display for soda. 60's?  

I bought an old cooler at Alameda last month, a BIG one. Was too far gone for restoration, but I cut it up I got 5 panels off of it. Here is what I did with the first one. (sold)
Here is a desk, base made from old pipes, etc., found it at Urban Ore was somebodies garage workbench. Cleaned many decades of grime off of it, polished the steel. I made the wood part out of another maple slab from an industrial workstation, drawer boxes are doug fir. 

These display racks were from another industrial salvage score, I have 5 of them. Cleaned this one up, painted the plywood shelves, added nice wheels to the base.
Standing coatracks made from old skiis. (sold)

Here is another industrial salvage pc., steel cabinet. I added the wood top also lower shelf. Has very cool latch

Nice "Pollard" brand industrial workbench, these are not easy to find.
Very nice green steel frame believe was dental office pc., Added the wood shelves and top.

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Inventory, Some custom pieces, Alameda

Apologies to all who looked for us at Petaluma last Sunday. The early morning rain necessitated a last minute cancellation, not good for the furniture! Fortunately the weather forecast for this Sundays upcoming show at Alameda is for a balmy 70 degrees, a welcome respite from this weeks high temps! Come on out and enjoy, should be a beautiful day. We will be in the usual spot- N-2 and 15 right across from the food vendors.
 Vintage steel industrial pc., beautiful colors
Industrial medical or dental pc., on wheels

Vintage steel locker found at salvage yard with non-functioning door, no problem, made one! Shelves added. On wheels

 Vintage steel industrial pc. from machine shop auction. Polished, shelf added.
Polished steel cart, shelf added

 I find these steel stands occasionally at salvage yards, think was sink base. New top of colorful wood strips.
 Benches, very popular, reclaimed wood.

A couple months back I posted a photo of these pcs., custom bathroom suite, client sent me this photo of  completed job. Very nice!

 Local SF burger house wanted to enclose their outside seating area with planters and barriers in between. This set up designed to be easily disassembled daily. Planters on wheels.
 Large computer desk, custom. Polished steel base fabricated, top is clear heart doug fir, salvaged from 1908 SF victorian.
 Custom redwood outdoor table. Designed by client and myself, they wanted "chunky" appearance. Perimeter of tabletop was milled from columns taken down during their remodel of older Mill Valley home. Old Growth clear heart redwood throughout, nice!

 Antique butcher block was purchased at estate sale. Wish I knew history of this pc., but due to extensive wear was probably in butcher shop.  We restored maple top, built the base to emulate massive top and also the iron elements.
 Custom kitchen pantry cabinet. Built entirely of reclaimed doug fir material. VG flooring as sides, rough sawn framing stock for faceframe, resurfaced clear heart 1x12 paneling for doors and drawer stock. Period hardware. Nice contrasts!

Here are several photos of work we did for Peoples Barbershop, very popular SF barbershop at Polk and Bush.

 Custom pc., inspiration was photo from magazine given to me by client of kitchen sink vanity! The area at middle top where sink was will now have a baby changing pad! Huge amount of storage! Photo below is closeup of antique bin pulls.

 Polished steel dresser, Simmons brand. I still find these now and then, this one was at salvage yard, was faux painted to look like wood, fooled me until I tapped it realized was steel!
Custom desk, fabricated steel base with footrest. Will be on locking castors.

Another industrial machine shop auction find, polished the steel base and added top and shelf of very nice reclaimed pc. of Poplar.

 Found this cute little base at the flea market, made new shelf and top, also the middle shelf is removeable.
There are five of these chairs. Vintage schoolhouse?, they had steel and laminate writing tops bolted on them I removed and then restored the vintage bent ply seats and backs. Came out nice I think.
Found this vintage steel auto garage cabinet at the flea market. Couldn't resist, is perfect size for a bar. For the "man cave?"