Monday, August 31, 2015

Tables, other custom pieces

 Here it is the end of August the summer flew by! Yes I will be at Alameda Sunday Sept. 6, Booths N 15-18. Lots of great stuff including Tables!, its that time of year. First set of photos here, custom dining table with purple painted border. Very colorful, top surface is all reclaimed wood.
 Here is photo of a very massive bed frame as designed by client and myself. Roughsawn doug fir timbers as frame, steel and iron mesh and reclaimed wood make up panels.

Round White Oak table. Client brought me this design, was a tricky one. I liked it so much I made another to bring to Alameda.
 These were made for Philz coffee to use as stanchions for line control. Alot of fun to make!

This table is Island ht., 36" Will be bringing to Alameda. Surface is pine bowling lane slab, with a gray stain. Base is fabricated from salvage steel 2x2 beams.
Closeup of the island top
Custom table made from Doug fir beams, run thru the surface planer and finished with a driftwood gray wash.  Gray appears to be very popular this season.
Matching bench
Maple bowling lane slab top with maple legs. This one approx 84x36, will be at Alameda
Custom Redwood outdoor table with matching benches. Beautiful old growth stock, reclaimed.

Small bench in whites and creams, reclaimed wood.
This one very fun project. Client wanted yardsticks as whimsical elements, I took it from there.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Inventory, Custom pcs. Showing August 2 at Alameda

Been awhile since I have posted new photos, camera was broken:( Here are just a few, more to come. I will have three booths at upcoming Alameda show, lots of cool stuff. Come on out.                                 Here are two views of small cabinet with double leaded glass doors. Antique hardware, doug fir sides, top  and face frame.

 RED! Top photo vintage industrial steel cabinet as nightstand or? Live edge walnut slab pc goes nicely I think. Bottom double door cabinet all cleaned up, has shelves inside, both cabinets are on wheels
 Vintage steel medical cabinet. Replaced the top with wood.
Rusty crusty wrought iron base. Top is redwood, from salvaged picnic table. Has been sealed with exterior grade deck oil.
 Prototype of coffee display stand for Philz coffee. Vintage wooden ladder, reclaimed wood.
This maple prep island by Boos was found in an estate sale basement, was pretty crusty. Cleaned up very nice.
 Vintage hand lettered Muni sign was inspiration for this cabinet. Reclaimed wood throughout.

Bench, whites and creams
 Vintage military trunk, vietnam era as coffee table. I have found some very cool examples over the years, trunks painted as personal expressions of their owners. This one has a 60's era pop art feel to it. I cleaned it up and added a base it is now functional as a small coffee table.
Industrial steel table. Just the right size for small computer desk or?
 Nightstand, midcentury.
 Interesting diminutive locker, live edge top, nightstand?
 Typewriter stand, reimagined as endtable.
 Vintage cast iron singer base, wood top.
 Ongoing Kitchen project. I will post more photos once this is completed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Here are some photos of new pieces that will be shown at Alameda on Sunday May 3. We are in booths N-2,15,16,17. As of thurs 4/29 all are avail. I have also posted photos of recent custom pieces below this post. Hopefully will be a great day out at the Alameda show, come on out!

Distressed turquoise color dining table, very beachy.
Industrial cabinet with drawers
Very unusual pc of salvage. I was told this was a storage device for the wax rolls of an antique Edison invention. Precursor to the Victrola. Very cool. Top is Koa.
Here are a couple of salvaged  industrial machine shop carts. Oak top above. Maple butcher block top below.

Vintage drawer unit, top is oak, trim mahogany.
Lockers, hardware added. Shelves added inside.
Steel industrial work station. New shelf added.

Here are a couple of consoles, diagonal multi colored boards include many of exotic hardwood species. Bought out the odds and ends from the estate of an amateur woodworker last year. Ran everything thru my surface planer and here is the result.

Three pieces using reclaimed maple gym floor. Coffee table with cherry stain. Small computer desk, large bench, both of these have a grey "driftwood" stain. Goes well with the polished steel.

Here are quite a few benches using more of the exotic hardwood stash mentioned above. Lengths range from 36" up to 72", some with shelves.

And a couple of the old school ones I have been making for several years. Never seem to be able to keep many benches in stock, they go so fast.

Here are a few coffee tables using that diagonal pattern. And one with a herringbone pattern. Bottom example incorporates a vintage drafting table  as base.